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Nextcom is a leading wireless information technology company that develops, and markets products for data communications and Wireless Internet Networking (WIN). The Nexnet product family connects wireless modems that offer high-speed connections to the Internet for business and residential customers.

Nextnet is the world's first wireless broadband product to deliver true non-line-of-sight Internet connections in the license-exempt spectrum. Nextnet is distinguished in the non-line-of-sight category by its user-installed indoor antenna, which enables broadband connections through buildings, tree canopies and other line-of-sight barriers. Nextcom with the Nextnet Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) solution is now making wireless broadband internet available to hundreds of thousands of business and residential subscribers. With the unparalleled performance of our NLOS products, we believe our product is the world leader in non-line-of-sight fixed wireless Internet.

Nextcom's non-line-of-sight high-speed fixed wireless products have been installed and deployed by service providers, municipal governments and utility companies as an alternative to traditional wireline Internet systems. The systems consist of Communications Access Points (base stations) and wireless end user modems (EUMs) with antennas installed at the subscriber's premises. Nextnet's indoor antenna can be installed by the subscriber for a non-line-of-sight wireless connection, or an outdoor antenna can be installed for longer applications.

In addition, many of our customers are reporting that Nextcom's NLOS systems are delivering faster connection speeds and operating over greater distances than expected. These performance levels are enabling our customers to reach more subscribers and to deliver the highest level of service possible via NLOS wireless technologies. For information and availability of the Nextnet product in your area please contact the nearest Nextcom product dealer.

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